thanks & acknowledgements

I would like to acknowledge and publicly thank those who made my cross-country trip possible in 2018.

First, without a doubt, is my wife Debi. She has never wavered even when I was ready to concede this was too big for me. She is my "sag wagon" driver, cook, and a vocal advocate against child abuse.

My son-in-law, Drew Barber, was instrumental in setting up this website. I had thought about other methods to disseminate information on child abuse and suggested actions, but it quickly become evident there is too much information for a flyer, or other hard-copy handout. This website was the only practical way to do it.

Thomas MacMillan, who provided my graphic art support, including the logo. He also set up the Facebook page.

Jennifer Hancock, who wrote my press release.

My friends in a senior Family Home Evening group who gave me input and feedback as my goal went from dream to reality.

Wayne Holenstein, owner of who donated signage for the sag-wagon.

Mark Schlegel of Maple Grove Cycling who keeps my bike in tip-top shape.

To my Heavenly Father who has given me all that I need to accomplish this: good health; temporal resources; family and friends.