• Seek to avoid divorce with as much energy as you sought to be married.
  • If you decide you must divorce, make your children and their desires a higher priority than your own.
  • Don't make negative or snide comments about the other parent
  • Don't fight with the other parent in front of the children
  • Never ask the child to choose between parents
  • Never make the child feel guilty about wanting to see the other parent
  • Never tell the child they are the reason for the divorce
  • Do not use your child to relay messages to the other parent
  • Do not reveal details about the divorce in an attempt to get the child on "your side".
  • Don't use your children as someone to "unload on" or talking to them about adult subjects like child support
  • Acknowledge the other parent exists
  • Don't blame the divorce on the other parent
  • Never tell the children you are poor because of the other parent
  • Never ignore your children because you are so wrapped up in your own issues
  • Don't question your child about the other parent’s activities
  • Be generous with parenting time with the other parent
  • Always allow the children to communicate with their other parent
  • Refrain from "buying" the children through excessive gift giving and activities to "show up" the other parent and buy the children’s affection
  • Always inform the other parent about special activities and achievements of the children; never attempt to exclude the other parent
  • Become a child advocate.

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